Giglio Onlus

A home, a concrete support


The need

The young patients of the Regina Margherita Children’s Hospital come from all over Italy and even from abroad. Some of these are hospitalized for long periods to eradicate serious illnesses or receive specific and prolonged treatment.

Kid in bed at hospital

The answer

In these cases, for parents, there is the urgency of finding accommodation in Turin to stay close to their children. When a family does not have the economic possibilities to move, the situation can be even more painful, both for parents and for children.

Family visiting the hospital

The motivation

The association was funded in Turin on March 6, 2002 by a group of friends who decided to get involved and commit themselves to a project entirely dedicated to hospitalized children and their families. We offer for free some apartments located near the hospital, the Giglio Houses, to help the families to stay close to their children.

How it works

We are associated to the Federazione Fra Associazioni Di Volontari “Ospedale Infantile Regina Margherita – Sant’Anna” and the same hospital tells us which families need our hospitality. It doesn’t matter what diseases children are affected, the need is urgent and painful for everyone.

The horizontality

The hospitality of Giglio Onlus is for everybody, it does not take into account the type of pathology the child suffers from. What is important for us is to offer families with less means and living far away from the hospital a home that they can use for free until their children leave the hospital.


What we have done so far: 6 apartments made available for this service, 145 families hosted, 102 replicas of plays produced by our theater company, 45 cultural events set up, 50 volunteers employed… and now one new big project to accomplish even more!

Years of activity

Apartments available to needy families

Hosted families

Replicas of plays produced by our theatre company

Events set up

Volunteers regularly engaged in the activities


Casa Giglio

Casa Giglio

Build Casa Giglio, the solidarity condominium capable of hosting 11 families.



Promote a network of people, companies and associations in support of parents and children.



Sensitize the community through cultural and theatrical activities.

Casa Giglio

My home close to my hospital

Since 2002, Giglio Onlus has provided 6 furnished apartments to 143 families of children suffering from serious illnesses at the Hospital for Infant Regina Margherita of Turin, Italy. Families use Giglio’s houses up to the time of their children’s discharge from the hospital entirely for free! People waiting for help, however, were still too many. Our commitment had to be more incisive. So, we decided to put our enthusiasm into practice by the realization of a greatest project – Giglio House.

Giglio House is the solidarity condominium, with 11 units, will be available to accommodate those parents who would not otherwise be able to stay near their sick children. Our goal is to soothe, at least in part, the concerns of these parents who would otherwise have to spend hours apart from their sick children.

Days left to the end of the project








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Donations received

Total amount needed

Balance and Statutes

Informations about Giglio Onlus

Transparency is important to us. Below you can consult and download the budgets and the association’s statute and read what the press says about us.


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About Us

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